What is SEO?

SEO is about making your website more friendly for google (other search engines available). In order for google to provide us with the search information we expect, they roam the internet scanning websites. Once your website live on the internet within a few days google will come along and take a look around.

Now if it were a human that looked at your site it might have no problem in understanding what your site was about, what business type you’re in and whether or not your site was a fake site. Google does all the above and lots more using computers. So a computer looks at your website and has to try and work out what your website/business is all about, where it’s based and how popular it is.

There’s a lot more that can be said but to keep it simple(ish) we’ll say that SEO is basically making sure your website tells google what it needs to know. This can include simple things like text content. If you’re a plumber in Sunderland, but your website does not use the words plumber or Sunderland….how do you expect google to know who you are.

While SEO has been through a lot of ups and downs it’s worth keeping in mind that SEO is not a one shot deal, it’s not something magically bolted on to your website to make people find you. It involves every aspect of your website.

The reason many web developers shy away from SEO is usually due to client expectations in the following areas:


During the website build process

Imagine you’ve set aside your money for your website, you decided what you want it to look like and what it should say, then you get someone to build it. The fastest way for a web developer to finish your project is to build you the website you want. If SEO is involved right from the start (where is arguably should be), the developer would have to pretty much argue every point with you. For example: You want the first page of your website to just show a sleek video of your services, no text or headings. This might look great, especially for portfolio websites but it’s TERRIBLE for SEO. You might have written your text to be brief and to the point but without reuse of your key words (e.g. plumber, heating services etc). Again it might look elegant to you but it’s bad for SEO. It’s therefore easier for your developer to build what you want and leave someone else to worry about your SEO..

First Page Expectations

In SEO may people think if they’re going to spend money they should expect to appear at the top of the search. They may demand that this criteria be met before they will pay the SEO agency. In reality first place is a promise few agencies will want to make. If you business is a niche sector (e.g. dolls house wallpaper, earwig taxidermist etc ) then first place might be reachable, but if you are in a highly competitive industry expect this to be a lot harder. The more competitive the industry the more work that will need to be done not just on your site but also all over the internet on social media, directory websites and many more. This work needs to be ongoing and will not be cheap.